Tours and Tunes 2014 Houses


In no particular order, here are the houses featured on Tours and Tunes:
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308 Boylan

Ticket sale location the day of the tour.
308 S Boylan Ave: Monfort Hall built in 1858 and the home of William Boylan owner of the land that now comprises Boylan Heights. Tickets will be sold on the lawn of Monfort Hall the day of the tour, but the house will not be open.


914 South


914 W South St. was built about 1917. This Arts & Crafts style bungalow is one of the reasons some people call Boylan Heights “the neighborhood of bungalows”.



1025 South

1025 W South St., an Arts & Crafts style house, was converted to a duplex in the 1930s. The current owner made a complete renovation in 2008 and brought the house back to its single family roots.



406 Kinsey

406 Kinsey Street was built about 1923 as a single family home, by 1940 this bungalow had been divided into two apartments commanding rents of $30 and $25 per month. Eventually a third apartment squeezed in before renovations began in 2002 to return the house to single family. The current owners have decorated its open floor plan in “vintage Romper Room”.


415 Cutler415 Cutler Street was built about 1912. This colonial style house may have been designed by Raleigh architect James M Kennedy, the designer of Murphy School and the City Market.



727 Boylan


727 S Boylan Ave was built in 2007, this house is one of the rare new houses in Boylan Heights.  Built in a style and scale reminiscent of the neighborhood’s origins 100 years earlier, the interior is anything but old fashioned.


715 Mountford

715 Mountford St first showed up in this location in 1916. However, its taller second story and 19th century mantels hint at an earlier origin.  Currently housing four apartments, its current residents enjoy their character filled flats close to downtown.



315 Boylan

315 S Boylan Ave: This Colonial Revival house was built in 1923 for William Goad and his wife Maude sister of CA Dillon founder of Dillon Supply Co.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Goad worked at Dillon.  Their house is an excellent example of the grand houses built at the top of S Boylan Ave, near to Monfort Hall.



324 Boylan


324 S Boylan Ave was built about 1907 in the Colonial Revival style, this house is renowned for its grand front porch with its two story Corinthian columns.




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4 thoughts on “Tours and Tunes 2014 Houses

    1. Sandro Gisler Post author

      Tours and Tunes takes place from 12p-5p. You can go through at your own pace and see as many of the ten houses as you please. All houses are located within a few blocks. To visit all ten homes, we recommended at least 2-3 hours, walking included.

    1. Sandro Gisler Post author

      Parking is available on the streets in the neighborhood. Please note, the police has already posted “No Parking” signs for tomorrow’s marathon, but they do not go into effect until early tomorrow morning, so you can still park for Tours and Tunes.


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