The following is a list of service providers recommended by Boylan Heights neighbors.

This list is not an endorsement by the Boylan Heights Association nor members of the Web Site Committee. Neither BHA nor the Web Site Committee makes any representations or warranties about the contractors listed or their workmanship.

Boylan Heights residents can add or modify recommendations to this list for neighbors by emailing


Specialty Name Contact Number Neighbor Making Recommendation Comments
Automobile Service Steve Kings Auto Service Inc 919-834-0748 Ray Lanier 919-828-9112


Specialty Name Contact Number Neighbor Making Recommendation Comments
Brick Mason James Lewis 919-451-6446 Emily & Eric Brinker 919-835-2769 Great retaining walls, patios and walkways; new or replacement uses brick, pavers, stone, block. Also, builds or rebuilds piers and foundations
Brick/Stone Mason Chris Jacobs 919-810-4765 Elizabeth Dunbar 919-836-8136 He does retaining walls, patios, fire pits, walkways, all sorts of hardscapes. He did the retaining wall around 422 Cutler. And the stone pathway at the rear of 422 Cutler.
Brick/Stone Cruz Cipriano, Artful Stonework 919-427-5305 Ginny Going and Tom Henderson Cruz and his crew did a fantastic job putting in the stone wall, flagstone paths and brick patio in our backyard.

Carpentry / Decks / Hardwood Flooring / Fences / Furniture

Specialty Name Contact Number Neighbor Making Recommendation Comments
Home Improvements and Repairs Innovative Concepts 919-269-5399(H) 919-455-7519(C)
  • Judy Murray
  • John Zaloom
Dan Wagner has worked on some houses in the neighborhood. He can do it all- built ins to repair work. He is great.(J.M.) Excellent attention to historic detail and reasonable approach to expenses. (J.Z.)
Light carpentry, carpentry repairs Daniel Gardner 919-524-7257 Elizabeth Dunbar 919-836-8136
Hardwood Floors Bob St. Claire 919-782-5999 Paul Meyer 919-838-9028 Highly professional; very reliable
Hardwood Floors (Refinishing, repair, new floors) Sedaris Hardwood Floors 919-420-0254 Dana Damico 919-836-7551 Excellent, reliable
Expert carpentry, including door and
window installation, structural and siding repair
Terry Hunter 919-889-7563 Valerie and John Zaloom 919-755-9098 Excellent attention to detail
Fencing Ralph Brown American Heritage Fence Co. 919-554-2848 Dana Damico 919-836-7551 Constructed wood fences at 524 S. Boylan and 620 W. Cabarrus. Great quality, fast work. Familiar with historic district standards.
Framing, Decks, Remodeling, General Construction Joel Stewart 919-818-4635 919-325-0516 Joyce Kirby 919-828-3389 Framed house at 920 W Lenoir
Everything from minor repairs to renovations and new build Steve Wilder Triangle Builders 919-389-5394 Amy Boiselle 919-513-3802 Very professional, reasonable prices, timely
Carpentry Allen Watson 919-524-0973 Joyce and Lee Kirby 919-828-3389 Terrific quality, good worker, did a great job on 511 Florence Street building custom shelves and trim. $25hr.
Home improvement/Maintenance Manu Wolfe Kipp Flack-Suttor 919-741-1303 919-559-2495 Jackie Pleasants 919-829-1765 Reliable, Affordable, Quality Work
Home Renovations / Improvements
Envision Built

Deveraux Hamilton and Bill Ahle

919.928.5222 Beth Fazekas 919-641-1408 Reasonably priced and very reliable!


Specialty Name Contact Number Neighbor Making Recommendation Comments
House Cleaning Agustin and Maria Garza 919-395-7703919-832-1779 Bob Kochersberger 919-833-2597 Chris Todd 919-821-3883 Live in BH; friendly; efficient; do a good job
Carpet Cleaning Mike Irelan 919-345-1373 Christie Scott 814-935-3720 Chris Weedy 755-3558 Prices are very reasonable; does a good job
House Cleaning Alejandra and Geno Abalos 919-771-2975 Elizabeth Dunbar919-836-8136
Cleaning of Air Ducts Mike Hudson 919-567-2830 Claire Cates919-836-1226
House cleaning Green Cleaning
Aaron Blankenship1105 W. Cabarrus
Uses non toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly products to clean houses. She is flexible and meticulous.

Electrical / Heating / Cooling / Insulation

Specialty Name Contact Number Neighbor Making Recommendation Comments
Electrician Dominico Diaz Lighthouse Electrical 919-639-7730 Brenda Corbin 919-834-1077 Prices reasonable
Heating/ Cooling Donald Dean 919-291-9448 Claire Cates 919-836-1226
Heating/ Cooling Matt Jones Honeycutt & Jones Inc 919-755-4677 Brenda Corbin 919-834-1077
Heating/ Cooling Blinson Heating and Air 919-881-0915 Paul Meyer 919-838-9028 Highly professional
Electrician Greg Bunn 919-422-5298 Dana Damico 919-836-7551 Fast, efficient, affordable. Very familiar with old homes. Can be difficult to get work scheduled.
Heating/ Cooling Chuck Caldwell 919-201-9501 Dana Damico 919-836-7551 Knowledgeable, reliable, fast.
Electrician James Arnette 919-779-6192 Bob Kochersberger 919-833-2597 Jay Spain 919-828-4086 Responded quickly; reasonably priced; worked fast
Insulation Insulation, Inc 5902 Fayetteville Rd Garner 919 772 9000 Glenn Plott 919-833-0570 $450 to blow in insulation into my attic 17-18’ thick
Electrician Andy Freeburn 919-400-0905 Claire Ashby 919-515-5337

Eye Doctor

Specialty Name Contact Number Neighbor Making Recommendation Comments
Eye Exams Dr. David Weitz 919-856-8555 Chris Weedy & Jimmy Creech755-3558 Very professional; located closeby – on Fayetteville Street

Home Improvements

Specialty Name Contact Number Neighbor Making Recommendation Comments
Home improvement/Maintenance Manu Wolfe, Kipp Flack-Suttor 919-741-1303, 919-559-2495 Jackie Pleasants 919-829-1765 Reliable, Affordable, Quality Work


Specialty Name Contact Number Neighbor Making Recommendation Comments
Painting Karl Hines John 919-673-8017919-829-2694 Paul Meyer919-838-9028 Lives in BH; extremely hardworking and reliable
Painting Julio RojasQuality Painting 919-522-9425 Brenda Corbin919-834-1077
Painting Jorge Reyes 919-264-8109 Chris Weedy919-755-3558 Did a great job on our bathroom and kitchen
Painting Agustin and Maria Garza 919-395-7703919-832-1779 Chris Todd919-821-3883 Live in BH; reliable; good quality; trustworthy; dependable
Painting Grady Jones Paint Contractors
Clee Grady Jones Jr.
919-272-3858 Elizabeth Spainhour
915 W. South St.
Clee was easy to work with, professional,
and responsive.
Painting Bill’s Painting 919-427-8948 Joyce and Lee Kirby919-828-3389 Reasonable, fast and reliable.
Painting (indoor) Jerome Lauck 919-833-6579919-833-1769 Self-referred Lives in BH
Painting Grady Jones Paint Contractors
Clee Grady Jones Jr.
919-272-3858 Lynn Longest They did a fabulous job! They were prompt, dependable, and professional!

Pet Sitting

Specialty Name Contact Number Neighbor Making Recommendation Comments
Pet Sitting, Pet Walking Caleb Jeffries 919-834-5623 Chris Todd919-821-3883 Lives here in BH


Specialty Name Contact Number Neighbor Making Recommendation Comments
Clogged Drains Wake Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service 919-833-6749 Elizabeth Dunbar 919-836-8136
Plumber Spiros VarverisRoto Guys Inc 919-291-4324 Steve & Amy McCallister 919-280-9528
Plumber Heritage Plumbing 919-374-9248919-280-5679 John Zaloom 919-755-9098 Specialize in historic properties and are willing to do small jobs as well as big projects.
Plumber Legacy Plumbing Sandy Rogers 233-1967 “did quality work in a most professional manner”

Real Estate

Specialty Name Contact Number Neighbor Making Recommendation Comments
Real Estate Broker Paul Setliff 919-882-5644 Gail Pershing919- 812-7812 Paul was extremely professional and worked hard to match the best person for my home and our neighborhood. My home sold in one day!!

Roofing / Chimneys / Gutters

Specialty Name Contact Number Neighbor Making Recommendation Comments
Non-slate roofs and inline gutter work Best Roofing, Waterproofing and Gutters 919-782-0151 Claire Cates919-836-1226
Roofing Jack ColeCole Brothers Roofing 919-851-8918919-639-3008 Brenda Corbin919-834-1077
Chimney Work Bob Gessner, Carolina Chimney Restoration, Inc 919-856-8858 919-302-7729 Claire Cates919-836-1226
Metal Roofing, Gutters, Downspouts Christian Donino 919-523-7855 Paul Meyer919-838-9028 Extremely reliable; professional quality work
Roofing John BlackB & B Contracting 919-422-4213 Chris Todd919-821-3883 Re-roofed 615 S Boylan in 2005; owner happy with quote; stood behind his work
Gutters Absolute Gutter CleaningMike Kyle 919-782-1995 Kent Lioret
1007 W Lenoir
Very good work, highly professional,
reasonable prices, lived in BH for many years


Specialty Name Contact Number Neighbor Making Recommendation Comments
French Jerome Lauck 919-833-6579, 919-833-1769 Self-referred Lives in BH; tutors at Peace College
Mathematics Theo Fitzgerald 925-963-0731, Amy Fitzgerald 919-645-8324 Relationship: Aunt See website for resume, research on mathematical cognition and teaching philosophy. Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics


Specialty Name Contact Number Neighbor Making Recommendation Comments
Upholstery Dan McKenzie at Finish Pros 919-848-3848 Caroline Charbonnet Munzing919-838-6662
Upholstery Rainbow Upholstery 919-829-1332 Adryon Clay919-834-2505Lynn Longest919-622-3877 Very nice, competent, convenientFabulous job. This is a family owned business located on West St. They do beautiful work and are great to work with!
Upholstery AFCMark Macklin 919-828-7771 Glenn Plott
Upholstery Dennis Williams 919-834-6353 Jennie LaMonte919-513-4076 Does good work
Upholstery Tim Stroud 919-431-0774 Frank Haynes919-829-2642 He did a sofa, chair, and club chair and ottoman for me. And he also did some repairs on a rocking chair the chewed up legs on some of the stuff (he has some guys who do furniture repair that he sends stuff to). He had good fabric prices at the time and I thought he did good work. I recommended him to a couple of friends of mine, who were also pleased.

Yardwork / Hauling / Handyperson / Dumpster

Specialty Name Contact Number Neighbor Making Recommendation Comments
Yard work, House Painting, Trim Trees Pablo Merlo 919-940-2943For help with communication in Spanish call Chris Weedy Chris Weedy919-755-3558 Lives here in BH- very reliable-hard worker
General handyperson Mike Hudson 919-567-2830 Claire Cates919-836-1226
Yard work; Painting & Carpentry (during winter primarily) Caleb Jeffries 919-834-5623 Chris Todd919-821-3883 Lives here in BH
Cleaning up yards, etc Jim GerardiJim’s Maintenance 919-833-2265 Brenda Corbin919-834-1077 Natural areas, Attics, Basements, Hauling brush, trash, appliances, Tree work, Tree removal, Trimming, Stump Grinding, Landscaping
Movers (within Raleigh); garage cleanup Marvin Jefferys 919-426-7053 Jimmy Creech919-755-3558 Bonded; available with short notice; can handle fragile jobs
Hauling, Moving Larry’s Moving & Salvage Service 919-413-2109 (c)919-362-9236 (o) Chris Todd919-821-3883 Will haul scrap metal, old cars, other junk, etc – some for free – especially metal.
Dumpster Jess McConnellMcConnell Waste System 919-669-1212 Elizabeth Dunbar919-836-8136
Landscaping Harriet Bellerjeau 919-546-9282 Dana Damico919-836-7551 BH resident; Designed front garden at 524 S. Boylan; Creative, thoughtful, colorful designs; Listens well to clients’ desires
Landscaping Tom MekusNative Elements 919-630-4910 Dana Damico919-836-7551 BH business; Found and planted unusual magnolia at 524 S. Boylan; Continues to take interest in tree’s health.
Stump Grinding Horace Evans 919-552-5904 Dana Damico919-836-7551 Retired postal worker who now grinds stump as hobby. Free estimates, good work, nice guy.
Tree Service Everett Tree Service 919-271-6108 Bob Kochersberger919-833-2597 Reasonable price; fast work
Tree Service William Gillespie 919-609-7542 Lynn Longest I just had the best experience with someone who left their card in my door. We had a maple tree entangled in our power lines. This guy was very prompt and reasonable and did a wonderful job of trimming then cleaned up completely. I couldn’t even tell he had been there!
Handyman Jerome Lauck 919-833-6579919-833-1769 Self-referred I enjoy renovating old homes
Landscaping, Pruning, Trim Trees, Tree removal Michael S. Bradshaw 919-255-0826 Lee Kirby Michael Bradshaw lives in Boylan Heights, and he and his company Tasker Du (; 919-255-0826) did a fantastic job saving my back yard from the jungle it had become.  The job involved lots of pruning and tree work, which was done perfectly, and Michael also was great about communicating with me so that we did not over or under-trim in the job.  The work was done with great energy, quickly and on schedule and at a fair price.  I highly recommend Tasker Du.
Garden Designer and Consultant Laura Kordulewski
Dan Crow Laura Kordulewski just did our front and back yard.
We were getting overrun with growth a bit and needed something more clean and manageable.
I’d highly recommend her for jobs big and small, or just to help point you in the right direction.